The Rules to Communicating with Sports Agents

VLK Black

It’s an exciting time for young athletes. You’re playing the game you love, and you’re playing it at a high level. But it’s not just enough to be a collegiate athlete, you want to make this game a career. Enter a NFLPA certified agent.

Agents are an important part of the game because they help create demand, and protect their clients from unfair deals. But, as an athlete, it’s up to you to know what agents can and can’t do. A great agent will play by the rules and help coach you up to be a next level player. Bad agents will try and cheat the system to sign a player. This could cost the student and his program money, wins, available scholarships, and even championships.

Here are some rules for you to keep in mind when it’s time to talk to an agent. For more information read what the NCAA has to say.

  1. Student-athletes aren’t restricted to speaking to agents.
  2. Agents can sell their experience and their client roster to students.
  3. Athletes can’t accept any gifts, image or license, or verbal or oral agreements
  4. Agents can’t negotiate a deal with a client (until they have played their final game of the season) – but they can build a relationship with a client.
  5. Athletes MUST wait until after their last game before they can sign with an agent.
  6. Agents MUST represent themselves, they can not induce misrepresentation.
  7. Agents can’t receive more than 3% of a player’s salary.

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