VLK Pro Rep NFLPA AgentViral Keshwala’s Free Football Camp

Viral Keshwala founded the Viral Keshwala’s Free Football Camp in Madison, CT to help kids fall in love with the sport he credits for his career. “The game of football has helped shaped my life. It’s taught me the value of hard work and the discipline that I’ve used not only to play the game but also to become a lawyer.”

Every summer, Viral and his fellow coaches take the field with students to teach them the fundamentals of the game, proper footwork, conditioning and individual position drills.

“The camp will always be free, because I deeply believe that without football I would not be the man I am today. My parents raised my brothers and I to always be grateful to our community and give back whenever we can. I was inspired by their generosity and compassion. As a child I worked to feed those that needed to be feed and take care of those who needed some extra help. I want to give back to my community as much as I can.”

For more information about Viral Keshwala’s Free Football Camp contact Viral Keshwala today.

RANA (Rajput Association of North America) 

For the last 20 years, Viral has been a part of RANA, a non-profit group that emphasizes helping Indian-Americans youth become community leaders. They spend their time doing volunteer work that helps strengthen and support Indian and American communities.

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